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Home learning made easy with CloudLearn. Everything we do at CloudLearn revolves around a simple idea: learning should be fun, easy and effective. We do this by harnessing emerging technologies, embedding social platforms and digitising our distance learning materials so you can learn in a format that suits you. We recognise that technology is changing the way that people learn, we have responded to this by allowing our students to access their learning, tutor support and assessment from anywhere with an Internet connection using Smartphones or Tablets. We also recognise that not all learners are the same, which is why we offer as much flexibility as possible in the way you learn – choose to learn from print or on-line, on your PC or on your Smartphone, alone or in a group. Learning is one of the most important parts of life, we think you should have complete control over how this is achieved. CloudLearnDigital Learning for a Digital World.

At CloudLearn, we are specialists in online distance learning for the 21st century. We’d like to think we know a thing or two about education technology. We spent two years researching how technology could be used to make learning more engaging, accessible and effective for our students and we think we’ve cracked it. We designed our own purpose built interactive virtual learning environment, CloudPort.

CloudPort allows us to deliver accessible learning for all of our students anytime, anywhere. Have a smart device that connects to the internet? It’s likely that you can use CloudPort and take your learning wherever you go. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself here on your iPad, PS4 or any other smart device.

Our founders include; a well-seasoned maths, physics and computing secondary school principal teacher who likes to dabble with Quantum Physics. A Computer Science Engineer/Programmer with twenty years’ experience in IT and Education organisations. An Education Product Manager, with a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology, so he knows what makes our students tick. A Design Guru, specialising in any print, web, platform, animation sound or apps we need designed from the ground up. Finally, we have 20 or so talented individuals who helped bring CloudLearn to where it is today, coming from a background of; Art, Psychology, Law and Education.

Our founding team are experts at what they do, think The Expendables with less brawn and more brains.

Our vision is to become a world class provider of technology enabled learning for the next generation of learners. We will continuously connect advanced learning theory with emergent and enabling technologies to provide learning solutions that are engaging, effective and accessible.

So join us and start your learning in the cloud!

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