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CharGrilled Team

In 2005, a crack commando unit were sent to a t-shirt factory by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit (or probably not anyway). These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Bedfordshire underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a slogan, if no one else can help, and it’s offensive, funny or just down right stupid, maybe you can hire… The CharGrilled Team.

Meet the CharGrilled team! As you can see, we’re like a big, happy, cartoon family, just like the Simpsons. Except better.

CharGrilled - Charlie

Ex Guinness World Record holder.

CharGrilled Adam

Managing Director
He runs the show.

CharGrilled Charlotte

Customer Service
She will answer any query as long as it is about t-shirts.


CharGrilled Rob

Creative Guy
His preferred drawing implement is a crayon, and tends to make things look nice.

CharGrilled Steve

Web Developer
He has a huge brain that can solve any web problem in a matter of seconds.

CharGrilled Matt

Web Developer
He is another web guy with a similar size brain to Steve.


CharGrilled Anthony

Warehouse Manager
He keeps a close eye on all the staff in the warehouse.

CharGrilled Kate

Printer Supervisor
She can print, pack and post a t-shirt before you can say free delivery.

CharGrilled Patricia

Embroidery Supervisor
No one has ever come across a person who can embroider as fast as her.


CharGrilled Alison

Call Centre Manager
She will take your calls, and give you answers.

CharGrilled Olivia

Telephone Operator
She excels in the operation of telephones.

CharGrilled Nicola

She enjoys to drink tea.

CharGrilled Ed

One man, fate has made indestructible.

CharGrilled Matty

If you are unhappy with your goods, he will be kind enough to make you happy again.

CharGrilled Walker

He has the ability to fix anything that is broken, and enjoys to drive a van.


Chargrilled Clothing Ltd was established in 2005 and since then we have gone above and beyond

to design, produce and distribute original and creative t-shirts. Here at CharGrilled we believe it is important to stand out and are all about challenging the status quo, offering you an avenue to express yourselves and think outside the box.

Year on year our CharGrilled community is growing and with your support our core values are strengthening. We are proud to have shared so many great moments with our customers through birthdays, festivals and holidays and with your help our t-shirts have travelled the globe stretching from Australia to Antarctica. Many of these adventures are now spread across our office walls and Facebook as well. If you wish to join the family simply e-mail us or tag us on Facebook.

At CharGrilled we believe in making the impossible probable; We’ve set this example by owning the previous Guinness World Record title for the most t-shirts worn in an hour at 107 t-shirts. It is this uniqueness and passion for life and creativity which makes us so distinct and special.

“Everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo, we believe in thinking differently; we challenge the status quo by making our products cleverly designed, brilliantly innovative and outrageously funny. We just so happen to make great T-shirts. Want to buy one?”

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