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    Alexander Francis

    Every individual piece has been imagined by our talented team of designers right here in the UK and is tested to high commercial standards.

    Our contemporary garden furniture collection is made from a natural look PE Resin rattan, providing a contemporary look that will add a touch of sophistication to any outdoor space with its distinctive appearance. PE Resin rattan is very versatile as it can be woven into almost any shape for individual, handcrafted pieces.

    There are numerous benefits for choosing rattan garden furniture over other traditional types. Unfortunately rattan furniture being sold in the UK is flooded with cheap PVC styled rattan which undermines many of the benefits that PE Resin Rattan holds. You can be sure that Alexander Francis furniture have been designed and crafted to the highest standard, using only the finest quality materials which are constructed by skilled, experienced craftsmen to create an exceptional standard of furniture that is designed and built to last.

    • Alexander FrancisAt Alexander Francis we make it our mission to provide you with the best, most inspiring and innovative design that is practical and affordable.
    • Alexander FrancisWe believe in trying it out before you buy. So we spend a year trying out each product that we market before it goes online.
    • Alexander FrancisWe believe that good relationships are the basis of our networks around the world, with this in mind we aim to hold trusting relationships with each other and with our customers, designers, dealers, suppliers, and contractors.
    • Alexander FrancisA calm, healthy, beautiful and comfortable home is a necessary foundation for happiness and success in your everyday lives. We make it our mission to help with making this a reality.
    • Alexander FrancisFrom specification and ordering to delivery and installation we aim to do everything on time and as promised.
    • Alexander FrancisLast year we shipped 96% of our customer’s orders on time and complete, leaving most of our customers feeling very happy with their order.
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