Coupon code discount 20% Rapid Email Marketer Business

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Coupon code discount 20% Rapid Email Marketer Business

Rapid Email Marketer Business
10,000 emails per day
1 GB Memory
1 Rapid Email Marketer Server
Full Admin access
Create Unlimited Users
Set user based quota for reselling
Inbox Delivery Not Guaranteed!
POP/IMAP access
Renewal $40.00/per month




*Plans are for 1 month*



Frequently Asked Question
When i will get my Rapid Email Marketer ready after payment?
We will register a free domain for you and then we will install the server. We do it as soon as your order is complete. Generally we deliver Rapid Email Marketer within 12 business hours.

Can i get any support for my product?
Of course, you will get our extensive support through email, support tickets and live chat. Please submit a support ticket to us if we are not online.

Do i need external SMTP for using Rapid Email Marketer?
No. We will install Rapid Email Marketer in VIP SMTP Server. So you don’t need any SMTP server for using Rapid Email Marketer.

How many mails i can send using Rapid Email Marketer?
There are 3 packages of Rapid Email Marketer.

  • Rapid Email Marketer Starter can send at most 12000 mails per day with 1 server.
  • Rapid Email Marketer Business can send at most 24000 mails per day with 2 server.
  • Rapid Email Marketer Savior can send at most 36000 mails per day with 3 server.


No SMTP Needed

All Rapid Email Marketer plans comes with built in SMTP server. Just subscribe and start sending email.

Bounce Handling

Rapid Email Marketer automatically handles bounce emails and keep your list clean.

Campaign Report

After sending a campaign you will get full sending report viz. how many sent, bounce count, open rates, etc.

Personal Domain

Each Rapid Email Marketer plan comes with your own domain name. We register your domain name for free and integrate it with the webmailer for a customized premium experience.


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