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GF – Win Cadbury Gift Card

Free partipation to Win Cadbury Gift Card.

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This offer is independently organized by Green Flamingo, who has no relationship – including affiliation or sponsorship – with the manufacturers of the products displayed. The trademarks are the property of their respective owners. If a trademark is used, this is always under fair-use principles as it is necessary for the description of the product. All images are shown for illustrative purposes only. Participation without providing advertising consent is possible; please read the Terms and Conditions. Closing Date of the Competition: 21/12/2018.

GreenFlamingo Competitions Terms and Conditions

Last Modification: 19/02/2018

Participation is not dependent in any way on the purchase of goods, use of paid services, and/or payment of connection charges and/or user fees for Green Flamingo, the Sponsors of the Campaign, or other companies involved with the prize draw. Completing a survey or taking part in displayed offers has no influence on the chances of winning.

General Provisions:

1. This current site you are in, as well as the prize-draw, is owned and operated by the entity: Green Flamingo Limited, with registered address: 1st floor 10/11 exchange place I.F.S.C Dublin, and is registered with company number 600089. These Terms and Conditions apply to all Green Flamingo’s competitions and prize draws.

2. One prize draw may be accessible through a number of different websites. The chances of winning will be the same for all participants.

3. Green Flamingo Limited reserves the right to change (advance) the competition closing date without notice. This is at our sole discretion. The closing date will be shown in each campaign.

4. The inclusion or mention of any brands in the competition or prize draws other than GreenFlamingo does not mean that these brands are participating, sponsoring, endorsing, or are connected in any other way with Green Flamingo’s competitions or with giving the prizes away. All the illustrative materials used in the campaigns are for illustration and descriptive purposes only.

5. Some pages on this Site contain hypertext links to websites not controlled or operated by us. You are reminded that when you enter other websites via such hypertext links, you will not be subject to our terms and conditions or privacy policy any longer.

6. In case you have granted consent to receive advertising and you subsequently revoke such consent, your chances of winning remain unchanged.

7. You can also withdraw your consent from your details being used to administer the sweepstake. Be advised that you will lose your chance of winning.

8. You must finalize your registration in the sweepstake in order to be considered a valid participant in the draw.

With regards to our competition/prize draws, the following is applicable:

– Participation is only possible until the stated deadline for entries. Every participation must be completed by or before the deadline.

– False, incomplete, inaccurate, or misleading entries into the competition will be automatically deleted.

– To participate in this competition you must be 18 years or older and residing in the United Kingdom.

– To successfully participate, you must complete the form(s) on Green Flamingo’s site.

– The prize will have an economic value/consist of what will be clearly indicated in every competition. The currency is pounds sterling. If the prize is a voucher, it is possibly composed of multiple vouchers equalling the sum of the aforementioned voucher.

– Prize draws are operated and handled by Green Flamingo.

– Winners will be selected in a fully randomized way by a computer software within 3 working days to count from the closing date of the applicable draw. Winners will be notified by mail, phone, and e-mail. Prizes will be sent to the winner by the organizer at the latter’s own expense. Cash prizes will be paid out by cheque. The cheque will be sent to the winner.

– Prizes must be claimed within 14 calendar days of the notification via email to the winner.

– All prizes are subject to availability, should any prize be unavailable a substitution prize of similar price or specification will be provided at our sole discretion.

– Claims to prizes are not transferable. The winner bears sole responsibility for paying any taxes that may apply.

– In the event of an unsuccessful notification, the claim to the prize will be forfeited. A notification that a person has won a prize is considered to be unsuccessful if: a) the letter announcing that the person has won, which is sent by registered mail, proves to be undeliverable or the winner does not respond within a time limit of 14 days after delivery by contacting the organizer by phone, e-mail, or mail (with the operative date being the date of receipt by the organizer); and b) the winner does not pick up the phone on two attempts to notify him/her by phone that he/she has won a prize; and c) an e-mail notifying the person that he/she has won proves to be undeliverable or the winner does not respond within a time limit of 14 days after delivery by contacting the organizer by phone, e-mail, or mail (with the operative date being the date of receipt by the organizer). Once the claim to a prize is forfeited, the draw will be repeated.

– In case you win, we might ask you to provide us further consent to publish your name. This is facultative and you can withdraw your permission any time by contacting us.

– Entrants agree that by entering a competition their personal details may be stored and otherwise processed by Green Flamingo for the purposes of administering the competition, and will be deleted after the draw has been conducted. Please read the Privacy Policy for more information.

Methods of entry into the competition:

You can freely choose the method of participation that you like the most. The options are:

1. You can participate in the sweepstake and additionally provide our Sponsors with advertisement consent. Please read the Privacy Policy for more information.
2. You can participate in the sweepstake without providing consent for advertisement. We will gather your information for administering the sweepstake. Please read the Privacy Policy for more information.

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