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Get Discount 20% – G-Lock EasyMail7

What You Get When You Use G-Lock EasyMail7

G-Lock Software provides you with IN-HOUSE automated email software for permission based email marketing.

G-Lock EasyMail7 was specifically developed to save your time and money and eliminate the complexity and expense of operating a third-party email service and outdated mass email tools:

  • The best value for your money — Import one million emails while G-Lock EasyMail7 imports a million records in 43 seconds!
  • Send automated emails — EasyMail7 Autoresponder lets you send pre-written follow-up emails sequentially and automatically to your subscribers over time after they’ve subscribed to your list.
  • Easily Organize Work in Team — install G-Lock EasyMail7 Server on a centralized server and individual EasyMail7 Client for each user in your team, create multiple email accounts, allow users to connect to it to manage contact lists and send email campaigns from a remote location. Each user has the full control under his own workplace(s) allocated to him by admin.
  • Safe and secure newsletter sending — G-Lock EasyMail7 keeps your list private and secure. Our bulk email marketing program does not expose your subscriber’s list to the list members.
  • Unlimited number of recipients and groups — you have unrestricted importing and mailing capabilities for full control of your campaigns, plus you don’t pay any additional fee as far as your list is growing.
  • Sending to multiple groups at a time — with G-Lock EasyMail7 you can send the message to more than one contact group at the same time. Our bulk email sender automatically skips duplicate email addresses between groups.
  • Integration with CRM Databases — G-Lock EasyMail7 can connect to any ODBC compatible database on the network like MS Excel, MS Access, MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and take the contacts’ email addresses, names and other contact information directly from the database. No need to export-import the recipients into G-Lock EasyMail7. The best part is that the program connects to MySQL server directly (it’s not necessary to install an ODBC connector).
  • Tracking capabilities — G-Lock EasyMail7 is integrated with G-Lock Analytics email tracking service to track email opens, link clicks, email clients recipients use, and with Google Analytics and Piwik Analytics that you can use to track the recipient’s actions further on the web site.
  • Customizable unsubscribe link — our G-Lock EasyMail7 email sending system provides you a ready to use unsubscribe link that you can merge into the message. You can customize the unsubscribe link as you like and have different unsubscribe links for different groups.
  • Professionally designed HTML email templates — G-Lock EasyMail7 is provided with a rich store of professionally designed HTML email templates that you can download, customize and use to create your email newsletters.
  • Built-in FTP client —  This helps you decrease your message size, increase the sending speed and ensure the pictures will be displayed correctly within the message. Plus, you save your money if you send using a 3rd party service for example Amazon SES where they charge you for data transfer.
  • Automated bounce, unsubscribe, and complaint processing — our email marketing software recognizes many types of return messages that are common when using an email newsletter program, including soft and hard bounce messages and can delete and unsubscribe bounce emails in contact groups and external databases.
  • Unlimited features in ANY paid version — the license price depends on the number of users and workplaces you can have within G-Lock EasyMail7. There are no limitations in features for paid licenses. So, you can be assured that whatever size of business you are and whatever paid license you have, you will always have access to all features of our bulk email software.

An effective email marketing system should include the following tools:

  • Automated email sequences that drip on your contacts over time to build trust and convert your subscribers into active and happy customers.
  • A email scheduler for planning your announcements, newsletters, and special occasion emails weeks or even months in advance.
  • A simple way for you to create sign-up forms so you can connect your marketing efforts to auto-populate your contact lists (we provide WPNewsman plugin for WordPress for free).
  • A professional collection of quality responsive HTML email templates that you can install and use for your newsletters on the fly.
  • An automated way of processing bounce and unsubscribe emails to be in compliance with the CAN-SPAM law in various countries.
  • Training and support from those who have years of experience in email marketing systems, management and success.

With G-Lock EasyMail7 you have the right email marketing software system to help you elevate your business to the next level, grow it and make it more profitable.


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