Get 20%OFF – Wondershare Tidymymusic for Windows

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Get 20%OFF - Wondershare Tidymymusic for Windows -

Get 20%OFF – Wondershare Tidymymusic for Windows

Auto-Fix iTunes Music Data
TidyMyMusic is the best iTunes companion for cleaning up your music collection. Using its advanced acoustic fingerprint technology, it quickly fixes missing or inaccurate music info within your iTunes song collection including artist name, album art, genre, lyrics, and more.

Repair Missing and Mislabeled Music Tags
Say goodbye to the messy iTunes with song names like “Track01, Track02…”. And NO MORE “Unknown Artist” . The complete song names and artist information are only one-click away.

Quick Find Missing Album Artwork
Let TidyMyMusic brighten up your iTunes library with the original album artwork, giving your music collection stunning visual appeal.

Clean Your Music Library Once for All Devices
The updated song information, located in the ID3 tag, is embedded into the MP3 file once it’s saved, letting you transfer and share your music with unlimited devices while still maintaining its updated music tag information.

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<p> Optimize your iTunes and local music library with just one click.</p>

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