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Coupon Discount 20% VIP SMTP Server Lite

VIP SMTP Server Lite

Works with any mail sender

Send up to 1000 mails per day

1 Server, dedicated IP

1 Domain name of your choice

Unlimited space and bandwidth

Unlimited user accounts

Inbox Delivery Not Guaranteed!

POP/IMAP access








Q. Is there any comprehensive guide to understand VIP SMTP Server?
Ans. Yes, when you buy VIP SMTP Unlimited then we will deliver a guide book contained all basic information and tutorials regarding VIP SMTP Unlimited.

Q. When my VIP SMTP server will be delivered after order?
Ans. After your order we will setup your VIP SMTP Server and also we will map the registered domain name. The DNS settings take some time. Generally we take 24 to 48 hours to deliver VIP SMTP Server. In most cases it is within 24 hours.

Q. Can i order more than one package?
Ans. Depending upon your mail sending needs per day you can order any number of packages. Each package will be independent from one another and you can ask separate domains for each individual packages.

Q. What type of support you provide for VIP SMTP Server?
Ans. VIP SMTP Service is completely unmanaged. You will use your own server in your own way. If server gets down you inform us and we will fix the problem as soon as possible. You will get us always beside you.

Q. How many IPs do you provide?
Ans. This is not an amateur server. This is a complete SMTP server. The myth of rotating IP is over and most ISP will block mail if they do not get mails from a static IP. VIP SMTP Server is setup using static dedicated IP.

Q. What if my server gets blacklisted?
Ans. Inform us we will manage the delisting for you.

Q. I do not want to renew the service, instead i want to get a new one. Is this possible?
Ans. Yes. You are free to decide. The payment system for VIP SMTP Server is one time. You are not subscribed. Even in your renewal time if you inform us that you want to get a new server instead of the old one we will provide it withoug any extra cost.

Q. Do you provide any type of guarantee?
Ans. No. VIP SMTP server is completely unmanaged and we do not provide any type of guarantee.

Q. Can i get inbox delivery?
Ans. VIP SMTP Server is your own dedicated SMTP server. You send some good content and build reputation. We setup SPF, DKIM, Domain Keys and PTR for high inbox delivery rate. Still it is not guaranteed. The more good content you send the more reputation you will gain.

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