Coupon Code 20% – G-Lock Advanced Email Verifier

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Coupon Code 20% – G-Lock Advanced Email Verifier

G-Lock Advanced Email Verifier

“Clean Your List from Bad Email Addresses and Invalid Domains and Increase Your Email Campaign Performance by Focusing only on REAL Prospects”



List hygiene plays a role in the delivery race. It is important to maintain a clean mailing list and remove bounced, undeliverable emails because a lot of ISP mail servers have been known to block a sender’s email domain for repeatedly sending messages to non-existing email addresses.

If you are getting too many bounces, undeliverables, complainers, and being blocked as a result, Advanced Email Verifier can help when nothing else will.


Easy Email Verification

  • Use the email verifier to clear your email list or database from bounced and undeliverable email addresses, which thereby allows you update and keep your contact lists “clean” on a proactive basis. This means you can protect your email server domain from getting blacklisted and increase your email campaigns’ performance.
  • Decrease the Internet traffic and save your bandwidth which means you reduce your costs by focusing only on real prospects.
  • Verify the email addresses directly from the database without import-export — you save a lot of time and manual work thanks to the email address verifier. Our email verifier can connect to any ODBC compatible database like MS Access, MS SQL, MYSQL, Oracle, etc.
  • Quickly load mailing lists in program to check email validity — big time saver!
  • Import email lists containing email addresses and other custom fields for verification from Paradox, DBase, Excel, Text (.CSV, Word HTML, Lotus 1-2-3, QuattroPro, XML, MS Access files, and DBISAM tables (.dat files) which means the email verifier will ensure that you don’t lose any contact information, such as first name, last name, company, phone, address, etc.
  • Quickly save the results generated by the email verification software to a text file — for your convenience you can save good and bad emails to different files.
  • Export the email addresses together with custom fields to Paradox, DBase, Excel, Text (.CSV), HTML, Word, SYLK, DIF, Lotus 1-2-3, QuattroPro, SQL script, XML, MS Access, Rich text format files, and MS Windows Clipboard.
  • Handle bounced messages and get high accuracy in list cleaning. Advanced Email Verifier is the only email list cleaner program on the market that has the powerful built-in bounce handler and is able to process a large amount of bounced messages from POP3 and IMAP servers and from your local or network folders extracting the recipient’s email address and original message subject — this means you can easily find the recipient in your database and take them off your list.
  • Automatically delete auto-reply emails  Advanced Email Verifier helps you keep your Inbox sane. You won’t see “Out of office” and challenge-response email messages flooding your Inbox after each email campaign.
  • Check email syntax — you can quickly run the verification of the email addresses syntax only without checking emails for validity.
  • Sort and filter the email addresses through the email verification software, which means you can organize the contact information in the most convenient way for you.
  • Safely save and recover your data — the email verifier works in a way so that you don’t lose your email lists if your computer hangs in the middle of any operation.

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System requirements:

The Advanced Email Verifier works on Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Windows Server 2008/11/12

To use the program on Windows 98, NT, or 2000

You can use Advanced Email Verifier on MAC with Parallels Desktop and a Windows license (that allows the use of applications developed for Windows on Apple devices).

No Linux version of the Advanced Email Verifier is available.


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