1$ to JuneBox – New iPhoneXS wating you! (US)

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1$ to JuneBox – New iPhoneXS wating you! (US)

If you live in America and want the all-new iPhone XS, then this will probably be the most exciting item you’ll ever read.

Here is the deal: JuneBOX gives the brand new iPhone XS 256GB to American citizens for $1.


Sounds too good to be true? That’s what 42-year-old Vincent Dale from Boston also thought. He decided to give it a go and trust JuneBOX and he received his iPhone XS for $1. He was the first to pay the $1. Congratulations Vincent!


Apparently, from what I understand, this promotional tactic is a common practice in large companies with big marketing budgets. For example, Burger King launched a similar campaign in 2003, offering 20,000 free Whoppers on Facebook.

Here’s how to claim your iPhone XS for $1:

  1. Simply click on Claim Deal
  2. Enter your email address and pay the $1
  3. Your product will be shipped immediately (they even cover the shipping costs) and you will receive it in 5 to 7 days.

Click here to check if the iPhone XS for $1 is still available.

Thus, you will be able to get an iPhone XS at an incredibly low price. But is the new iPhone XS really the best smartphone on the market?

Our review department has compared the iPhone XS with many other phones and that’s what we concluded (compared to previous versions of Samsung and Apple models): The iPhone XS ranks number 1 in the speed, call quality, battery life, screen resolution, message transmission, number 1 of existing camera type, etc. 

Therefore, it is the best and most reliable phone on the market today. Combined with the fact that you can get one for only $1, the choice is quick.

After pay 1$, the winner of

If you live in United Kingdom and want the all-new iPhone XS will be selected from 1,000 participants who will win a new iPhone XS.

The winner will be contacted directly by email.

Why do we need your billing information?

When you join our service you will receive 5 day trial access to junebox.cc. If you continue as a subscriber after the 5 day trial period, then we will draw the agreed amount from your credit card. When money has been drawn from your credit card or other payment method, then you will maintain the access to our service, which is reserved only for our paying members on junebox.cc.

Is there an age limitation?

At junebox.cc, all members must be 18 or older to sign up. This means that people who are under 18 years can’t have access to our promotions. Anyone under 18 may not subscribe and pay with credit card for our services.

Never any Hidden Fees?

We make sure to provide our members with a detailed transaction history so that they know what they are paying for. Credit card information is required to facilitate future purchases only. No charges will appear on your credit card statement, unless you upgrade to Premium Membership or you make a purchase

Terms of use

Among all participants we will select a winner who will win the new iPhone XS. The winner will be contacted by email. When your trial period of 14 days expires, it will automatically continue into a recurring subscription for just thirty nine ninety nine per month. You can cancel your trial period or subscription at any time. With your account you participate in the draw of the promotional product. We will give a promotional product to one in two hundered and fifty of our active users every month. The winner will be contacted via email to arrange the shipment.


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