GoPro HERO+ (Wi-Fi Enabled)

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GoPro HERO+ (Wi-Fi Enabled)

GoPro HERO+ (Wi-Fi Enabled)

From the Manufacturer

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Capture. Create. Share.

Expand your GoPro experience with the free GoPro App and GoPro Studio software. The GoPro App allows you to control your camera remotely using your phone or tablet, view and share your content and watch ‘best of’ videos on the GoPro Channel. Use GoPro Studio to import and view your GoPro media, and create your own engaging GoPro-style videos to share with the world.


The perfect entry-level GoPro + Wi-Fi.

HERO+ captures immersive 1080p60 video and 8MP photos and features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which provide access to the GoPro App and Smart Remote. The GoPro App lets you control your camera remotely, preview your shots, play back content and create short highlight clips on your phone or tablet for easy sharing to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and more. Waterproof to 131 feet (40 meter) and packed with user-friendly camera modes, HERO+ is the entry-level GoPro for those who want high-quality capture and on-the-go connectivity.

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Small + lightweight.

Weighing just 4.3 ounces, HERO+ is small, portable and allows for low-profile mounting. Its compact design lets you comfortably wear it or mount it to your gear to capture your favorite activities, or slip it in your pocket or bag to take anywhere.

GoPro video quality.

HERO+ features the same immersive 1080p60 and 720p60 video that made GoPro famous. User-friendly modes like QuikCapture, SuperView and Auto Low Light make it easier than ever to capture professional-quality shots.

Control, view and share with built-in Wi-Fi + Bluetooth.

HERO+ features built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, allowing you to connect to the GoPro App and Smart Remote. The GoPro App enables full camera control, shot preview, content playback and sharing. Create short highlight clips on your smartphone or tablet for easy sharing to Instagram, Facebook and more. The Smart Remote (not included) allows you to control multiple GoPros from distances of up to 600 feet (180 meter).

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Versatile photo capture.

Shoot 8MP photos to share with friends on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more. Time Lapse mode automatically captures photos at set time intervals from 0.5 to 60 seconds. Burst mode shoots up to 5 photos in 1 second—perfect for fast-action sequences.

QuikCapture + Highlight Tag.

Power on your GoPro and start recording with the press of a single button. QuikCapture turns your GoPro into a one-button camera so you’re always ready to capture key moments. HiLight Tag lets you mark those moments during recording and playback so you can quickly find them later for editing or sharing using the GoPro App or GoPro Studio.

Rugged, waterproof, all-in-one design.

HERO+ is built directly into a rugged housing that’s waterproof to 131 feet (40 meter). It’s designed to survive dirt, sand, water and nearly anything else you can throw at it. Surf, snow, pets or kids—capture it all without a worry.

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