Daily Deal – Electronics Cigarettes

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Daily Deal – Electronics Cigarettes

Daily Deal – Electronics Cigarettes

Renowned for giving its customers and shoppers the highest in electronic cigarettes, electronicecigstore frequently brings new and innovative merchandise to the market, aboard providing the favored favourites. Our merchandise provides a real smoking sensation aboard a sensible smoke impact. Growing quick, a range of e-cigs may be purchased from over 2000 Great Britain convenience stores and garage forecourts, like Spar, Londis, Texaco, monetary unit garages, Budgens, BP and Gulf.

Each and each product sold-out through www.electronicecigstore.co.uk is rigorously hand picked and designated. in contrast to alternative Great Britain e-cig corporations, we tend to even have our own works in China.

The products we sell, including the de-bang range, pass rigorous quality inspections and standards, we are ROHS compliant and CE certifi ed. We are also registered with WEEE and proud to be ECITA members, meaning our business is legally compliant and ethical. de-bang liquids are renowned for being the best on the market, produced by Dekang under chemist supervision within clean room protocol with independent lab testing. That means we’re a brand you can trust, from a known manufacturer. One that gives you helpful, unique features – like traffic lights that tell you when it’s time to recharge your stick. ‘Vape’ on de-bang stix and your e-cigarette lights up in cool green. When you need to recharge, it glows amber. So you need never be without your e-cigarettes.

www.electronicecigstore.co.uk offers competitive POR, superb products, excellent customer service and have a very loyal customer and consumer base. Daily Deal – Electronics Cigarettes

Daily Deal - Electronics Cigarettes


OUR FANS – Daily Deal – Electronics Cigarettes

There are lots of reasons people become fans of www.electronicecigstore.co.uk.

Some include the fact that we bring you the very best in electronic cigarettes, each product is carefully handpicked and selected. Others include the rigorous quality inspections and standards our e-cigarettes and e-liquids are put through.

The main reasons are that a switch to our products means a healthier way of life.

www.electronicecigstore.co.uk bring you all the support you need alongside a credible and well-known brand that people enjoy vaping with.

Don’t just take our word for it…. Daily Deal – Electronics Cigarettes


James  39, from Oxford. Daily Deal – Electronics Cigarettes

Daily Deal - Electronics Cigarettes

Month 2 on e-cigarettes:

It’s been tough not smoking in social situations and I still find myself lighting up the odd cigarette here and there. I would say that I have definitely cut down although I haven’t given up completely – I reckon it will be a while before I do.

It’s great seeing the amount of  e-cigarettes vapers out there though, and I feel slightly cool when I vape aswell as healthier.

Month 1 on e-cigarettes:

I have been a regular smoker since I was a teenager. I enjoy smoking and only considered giving up once I had my son Josh and I started to think about living more healthily. I have taken up sports and want to set my son a good example, so it only seemed right to try to give up smoking. I have tried many things in the past, from patches to cold turkey, but nothing has seemed to work. I thought I would try e-cigarettes and bought my first eGo CE from de-bang last week.

I was contacted by electronicecigstore.co.uk as I was a new customer, and they asked if they could follow my journey on electronic cigarettes and share my progress with you all. I tried my first eGo CE last night. It took a few attempts to put the e-liquid in but I got the hang of it, and opted for tobacco 24mg as the first one to try. So far so good, but it has only been day 1. I will keep you informed!

Daily Deal – Electronics Cigarettes

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